Caged - Skye Warren Man, that was intense. Usually I shy away from non/dub-con stuff, but this was set in a world that I liked the first time around when we saw it in Skye's story from last year's event, [b:Leashed|13699441|Leashed (Love is Always Write)|Skye Warren||19320325]. This story has a sex slave as one of the MCs, so if that makes you uncomfortable, then you might want to skip it. I actually enjoyed this one quite a bit, and the twist that comes mid-way was like "wow."

The characterization is strong, and the setting is dark, complete with abusive authority and multiple different partners thrown/forced upon our poor MC. Again, it's pretty intense (all of it, including the sexytimes), but if you're in the right mood, then this one should hit your buttons in the right spot.

3.5 stars.