College Boys (Men of Holsum College, #1)

College Boys - Daisy Harris This story was hot and also sweet. I really enjoyed my visit to Holsum College.

The story, in brief:
Chris, a soccer jock, moves into a new dorm room and discovers that his next door neighbor, whose every word and move he can hear through the paper-thin walls, is none other than Peter, the openly gay guy he shared a tent - and some accidental morning wood - with during his transfer student orientation trip. They quickly form a friendship and, after some soul-searching from Chris, build an unlikely (but pretty dang adorable and sweet) relationship in a kind of accidental yet hot and sexual tension-filled way.

The characters:
I liked them both a lot. I was totally rooting for them and could identify with their struggles and concerns.

Chris isn't very experienced with...anything, really, whether we're talking girls, sex, or the world in general. He's very wide-eyed, yet it's also quite charming to see the world through that discovering-new-things-at-every-turn gaze. His internal conflict revolves around his questioning of the foreign feelings he has for Peter, whether he's gay, and how the people in his life will react to his being gay. My main quibble with the story stems from how Chris's struggles and conflict were kind of not resolved by the end of the story.

Peter, on the other hand, is slightly world-weary in his jaded and snarky New Yorker POV. He can't seem to get over his crush on Chris even though he realizes he should know better and doesn't want to tie himself to a closet case. Peter's combination of sensitivity and snarkiness combined to make him pretty lovable, and whenever he showed his vulnerability, I pretty much melted.

The secondary characters were decent. They seemed a bit like caricatures of certain "types," but not to an annoying or distracting extent.

The romance:
*sigh* The romance was really sweet and built in an unexpected way. Unexpected could be interpreted as improbable, but hey - this is a romance novel, after all. You know it's gonna happen, and the sweet and accidental way in which it did - along with the questioning each of the MCs felt along the way as they mused over the whole accidental nature of it - was quite fulfilling in the end. Again, I thought the ending didn't really tie up all of the loose ends, but it showed the two guys definitely taking a step in the HEA direction.

The sexytimes:
An interesting mixture of sweet and intense. Surprisingly, I think I liked the scenes through the walls the best. They were flirty, coy, exploring, and unique. Their first time together was really great, too - hot and sweet and passionate. However, I must say that I'm not sure if the scene where they had full penetration for the first time was true to the characters. The portrayal of the sexytimes was realistic and actually quite hot; I just didn't think it was well-timed for what Chris and Peter would actually do. Then again, who am I to say what two college aged guys would get into when lost to their lusty cravings for each other? :)

Overall, I really liked this book. The story was easy to read and fun to follow. The characters were just really great guys, and I was rooting for their sweet, unconventional, and quirky romance. Again, my only real quibble was that the ending didn't really resolve all of the questions Chris had regarding how his coming out would be accepted by the people in his circle (friends, family, etc.). Otherwise, though, it was a great story and one of my "one sitting reads."

Note: Thank you to the author and the publisher for providing a copy for review through NetGalley.