Know Not Why: A Novel

Know Not Why - Hannah  Johnson Not feeling very review-y articulate, so here are some pretty random thoughts.

- Brilliant and hilarious narrative, even if I'm not normally a fan of (1) first person and (2) present tense.
- Sweet romance.
- A discovering yourself/coming out m/m story.
- Kind of "new adult." (22 y.o. narrator.)
- Great, great, GREAT secondary characters.
- So bummed it was closed door sexytimes. Dammit. I was totally ready to perv on this couple.
- Fun, escapist feel to the storytelling.
- I'm pretty fact-based, so it really bugged me that I didn't know a few facts such as (1) where the heck the story is set and (2) what Howie (the narrator) looks like.
- This one's set around November/December-ish, so it almost felt like a holiday read. Very apropos for this time of year.

Overall, a lovely read, and I thank Tiya for the recommendation and Camille for the Kindle loan. :)