Waiting for Dimi

Waiting for Dimi - Kiernan Kelly If I were a GR reader who had a hundred clever shelf names, I'd have to add this story to the extremely sparsely populated "how to make me cry in 27 pages or less" one. (As far as I recall, [b:Like the Taste of Summer|12009077|Like the Taste of Summer|Kaje Harper|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1311615924s/12009077.jpg|16973901] is the only other one on there.)

I really liked this story. The voice was just so...real. And it was told in a way that actually kept me guessing as to what would happen next and when and how the two main characters would get together. I mean, keeping you guessing when it's definitely a romance that will happen in 27 pages is no mean feat.

This is a sweet friends-to-lovers tale told in flashbacks by the first person narrator and framed around the end of the narrator's marriage. It sounds weird, but it actually worked for me.

Like I said, the ending was make-me-cry sweet, and I really enjoyed it. I only wish I'd known a little more factually about the characters (like their everyday lives, e.g., professions, which city they were in - I guessed LA b/c there's a Midland Avenue in LA, but no idea if that's correct - also, the name of the first person narrator, which I don't know if we ever learned, etc.). Also, being semi-OCD and practical, I couldn't help wondering how the narrator would extricate himself from the shitshow the wife left him with after their divorce.

These are non-romance elements, though, and as far as the romance and friends-to-lovers aspect go, I really liked it.