Equation For Love

Equation For Love - Fae Sutherland 3+/3.5 stars. Very sweet main character geeky virgin scientist who hires a male escort to help "explore" his sexuality. I really liked Skye's very analytical approach to kissing and sexytimes. Very amusing.

This was an enjoyable and sweet read, even with the light BDSM elements. I usually don't read BDSM, and the Dom/sub parts were kind of unexpected. Even so, they were done with a light hand and helped reveal Skye's sexuality to himself and me, the reader.

Considering the set up, there's a LOT of sex and sexytimes to establish the relationship, as might be expected. That was done kind of to the detriment of a believable HEA, even though within the sexytimes there were some nice connections made between the sex and emotions that they were feeling. There just wasn't enough non-sex substance behind the HEA in the end for me to be really on board with it. Love interest Liam the escort was also much too pigheaded in recognizing his feelings for Skye.

Overall a satisfying read, and I really adored the sweet and geeky main narrator, Skye.