Drunk Text

Drunk Text - seventhswan Fucking brilliant! Insanely quotable, literally laugh out loud funny and amusing, and was that the sting of tears in my eyes at the end? Gunnar shows so much growth in this story while still retaining his unique, hilarious, and charmingly cocky POV. Vance is a total asshat, so it's awesome and thrilling to see where their interactions and encounters lead. You'll be surprised by the full-bodied and robust story that's hidden behind the superficially self-centered narrator whom you can't help but find wickedly charming (and he'd expect no less from you). Seriously, you'll like this one. AND it's free.*

* - Note: There are the handful of editing oversights (missing words or extra words) in each chapter that you might expect from free online fic. If I, a notorious nitpicker over those things, can overlook those enough to give this five stars, then you know it must be good.