...Feels So Good When You Stop

...Feels So Good When You Stop - Eve Ocotillo 4.5-5 stars. Great story with an excellent first person narrator.

It's easy to assume that Erik is only who he thinks he is - that is, that he's just a loose-living frat boy-esque ex-pat who only cares about his easy-come-easy-go lifestyle as a beach resort bartender. However, his thought patterns and sometimes rambling stream of consciousness also reveal a vulnerability and level of insecurity and self-doubt that are really eye-opening.

I love that Tomás had the patience and confidence to see past Erik's flashy bluster. I also love the hints at Tomás's own hidden identity. The cheating-esque bar scene was rather painful for me, but I thought it also contributed greatly to our understanding of Erik and his own understanding of himself.

The sexytimes scenes here are muy caliente. They're raw and hot. *fans self*

Note: This is a freebie short story from the Goodreads M/M Romance Group's event "Love is Always Write." The story can be found here on the group's discussion board: "...Feels So Good When You Stop" by Eve Ocotillo.