Open Tackle (Hot Summer Days)

Open Tackle (Hot Summer Days) - L.C. Chase I really liked this m/m short story about childhood friends who become something more. Owen reveals his love for Rory, who is stunned to find that his secret love for Owen is reciprocated. However, while Rory is stunned into silence, Owen interprets that as rejection, and thus the story begins for their clearing the air and consummation of their mutual love. The big, brawny guys who are gay/out-for-you aspect actually reminded me of Damon Suede's Hot Head, which I loved. This story had less angst by necessity - it's only ~20 pages long, after all, and includes some mighty steamy lovin', too. I think this one could be expanded very successfully into a novella or full-length novel if we got more of the background. That said, the story as it stands is very enjoyable already.

Note: This short story can be found as part of the M/M group's FREE GayRomLit 2011 compilation: Download It Here