Snow Crash

Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson This book traveled a bit of a rocky road. I trudged through the grueling first 50 pages, zipped through the next 150/200, yawned my way through the next 100/150, then settled back to watch it all come together in a ludicrous yet fun final 100 pages or so. So had its ups and downs.

Once I got accustomed to the world that the author created, I quite liked watching the characters as they interacted in the world and with the world. It was entertaining, and the characters had fun POVs. However, I found myself wanting to throw in the towel when the book began spewing pages and pages (literally pages) of encyclopedic information that, while ultimately plot-assisting, at the time were yawn-worthy and really really really dragged down my experience. This information was presented in the guise of a back-and-forth question-and-answer conversation between the main character and an all-knowing piece of software called the "Librarian." I skimmed that hundred pages or so, and it made pretty much no difference in my comprehension because - lucky me! - there was a five page summary of it later on when the main character explains it to one of the secondary characters right as the big time action is about to unfold. So, yes, the hundred or so pages of background info was boiled down to a five or ten page summary of how it all gels together.

I think this was an overall fun read with an unpredictable story told in an easy-to-read-and-follow tone. However, the overabundance of info-dumping bogged down the story and really diluted my enjoyment of the general zaniness.

P.S. Oh, it also kinda squicked me out because the book makes it clear that a 15-year-old is sexually active. I mean, realistically I know that happens in real life, but it's weird to have it "on the screen," if you will. Indeed, there's actually a sex scene between the 15-year-old and a 30-year-old-ish dude that spans about three pages. The 15-year-old character is funny, spunky, and AWESOME, and it was just kinda weird and felt wrong to see her have sex on the page.