The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera - Gaston Leroux 3+ stars. There were a lot of ups and downs, and it was hovering around 2.5-3 stars until the last 7% or so.

Oh, Erik/ redeemed yourself in that last scene and the epilogue, buddy.

And Christine? She sooooo didn't deserve you.

It's time to write a fanfic with your story and how you faked your death, only to find your own true love.

Oh, yes.

You will have your very own prima donna with whom you need act no masquerade, for that angel of music will think of you fondly and tell you, Erik, to play your music of the night for her until the point of no return. Yes, that's all she will ask of you. Simply must love her.

P.S. Yeah, I liked the musical better than the book. *ducks tomatoes* I mean, seriously, Erik is a creeper in this story! :P