Without Reservations (With or Without Series, #2)

Without Reservations (With or Without Series, #2) - J.L. Langley My foray into m/m GFY reading begins! Props to SB - thanks for the rec and loan. I liked the story, and the characters were sweet and non-angsty. There was a nice blend of humor and valiant efforts once they hook up to give the story a plot to go along with the "OMG, they're getting into the sexytimes again???" scenes. They don't really fight their matehood, and the things that provide tension are all external forces affecting their relationships with others or threats to personal safety. Around 30-40% into it, they had already paired up and I was a little wary of what the author could do that would stretch the book another 60%. I was pleasantly surprised that the author ratcheted up the aforementioned external stressors and managed to hold my attention through the end of the book.

My biggest quibble (and it's a big one, unfortunately) is that, while I thought the story was cute and the characters were fun to read about, I just did not like the writing style. I found the writing unpolished and the dialogue sometimes bogged down and unnaturally clunky. I know I just pointed this out in another book, but this one also falls victim to the lack of contractions, which naturally occur in speech. Indeed, "we're" and "you're," for example, are nowhere to be seen (er...read?). Instead, we have characters saying, e.g. "they are saying..." or "we are trying..." Try it - it doesn't sound natural in conversations or everyday speech.

With that in mind, I probably won't read more by this author. I do like this theme, though, and will continue on my journey through its many offerings.