Caged - Tam Ames This was my first of many things - first time using, first reeeeeeally short story that's non-anthology, first m/m (!!), and, most awesome of all, first HAMSTER SHIFTER. "Caged" was a super quick and funny read that should easily lift anyone's spirits in the span of 17 pages. Marcin (our hamster shifter) is awesome, and his hilarious and snarky stream-of-consciousness inner monologue while in hamster form had me alternately smirking, chuckling and laughing out loud. Give it a shot - hey, it's free!

Edit: Note that Sherrilyn Kenyon has a Dark-Hunter book that begins in a similar way. In Dark Side of the Moon (Dark-Hunter, #9), a cat shifter (who is also a Dark-Hunter) is stuck at a shelter, and the h "rescues" him. There's a bunch of other stuff going on, too, but I thought that was a funny start to the relationship.

Second edit: I shifted (wokka wokka wokka) between a 3 and 4 and am now sticking with 4 stars. Take it for what it is - a funny and short m/m read that is not meant to be taken seriously. The test for keeping the 4 stars is that I want to read more. She has other short stories, too, which I want to check out.