Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts - Rowan Speedwell I just have to say it: This one shot its load a little too early and left me unfulfilled at the finish.

I know I know, that was terrible, but it was too good to pass up.

I don't really have the juice to write a full blown review right now. Full review (maybe) will follow.

For now, let me work on a stream of consciousness "review"ish thing...

1) It's a m/m historical set in the Regency. Ding ding ding! Sold!
2) There's lots of emo stuff from both Hs at different points in the story.
3) The relationship tension kind of disappeared by ~60% into the story, and the tension that did make an appearance later on seemed awfully contrived and a bit forced to me.
4) Really nice and vivid historical details of clothing, setting, and turns of phrases (including good historical battlefield information about the Battle of Waterloo).
5) I really liked the H's wife, who was NOT a raging scheming bitch. She made for a refreshing change from many of the female secondary characters in other m/m books.
6) There was lots of emo stuff, but it wasn't necessarily ANGSTY emo. I definitely expected more angst from the not-gay-until-now H.
7) Also was surprised by how many people seemed to know or suspect the nature of the relationship the two Hs had. Such knowledge and attendant reactions didn't seem historically "realistic." Then again, I haven't read any non-fiction on the subject, so maybe it is realistic. Dunno.
8) Very impressed with the editing for this smaller-press book. Only caught a couple of punctuation errors. Nothing super glaring or cringe-worthy.

That's about it. Pretty good overall, but didn't blow me away. ;)

We'll see if I feel like saying more when I recover from the shock that is Amazon's ridiculous "we're pulling all book data from your site, and you can't stop us! " Machiavellian maneuvering. *grumble grumble mutter sputter grumble*