Lucky Boy

Lucky Boy - Summer Michaels Maybe a 2+ star story for me. This was an okay m/m short story about friends-to-lovers, but I thought the most interesting parts were the other characters and the island itself. The story was sweet, but the main characters felt generic. There were some extreme emotional reactions by each of Adam and JT at different points in the course of the story that seemed a little random or, at the very least, didn't seem to have much of a foundation for in their personalities and characters thus far. Also, while most of the dialogue was fine, sometimes there were parts where it felt stilted (e.g., a notable lack of contractions when it seems more natural to use "there's" rather than "there is"), which distracted me from what they were actually saying. Nevertheless, I appreciate the free read and the efforts these authors have gone to in order to provide us with so much great content. I think the island itself (and other characters) could be developed into an interesting sequel or series.

This story is available FREE in the GoodReads M/M Group's Don't Read in the Closet: Volume Three anthology. You can download it here.