Her Mountain Man (Harlequin Super Romance #1643)

Her Mountain Man - Cindi Myers Ehhhhhh...I'm gonna say this was a 2.5/3 star read that I knocked down to 2/2+ stars for flagrant violations of the English language. Distracting verb tense shifts, incorrect subject/object pronoun usage, malapropisms, and more. *shudder*

The story was generally decent for me, and there were some sweet moments. Unfortunately, the heroine came across as a megabitch at times, which I didn't care for (thanks for that New Yorker stereotype, folks). She was sending mixed signals, and her waffling over what she wanted just irritated me because it didn't seem logical. The saving grace was the sweet beta hero, who was a little goofy and a lot open about how much he cared for our (possibly undeserving?) heroine.

Overall, I'd say it's readable enough, but not one you'd need to seek out.