Secret Santa Surprise

Secret Santa Surprise - Tam Ames Unexpectedly sweet and funny with quite a unique set up. Through a series of events, Aaron discovers he was tricked into fathering a child late last year, the mother has died, and the baby and baby's uncle (a.k.a. the mother's hot, gay brother, Ben) need to move in with Aaron. The story does a great job of showing the little steps that reveal Aaron's growing attraction for Ben. Aaron tries to deny that he's attracted, but he can't help himself. His ultimate acceptance of his desire for Ben, and his acting on it, made me want to cheer. The humorous holiday party setting that one can only expect of Aaron's working at a sex toy manufacturer is icing on the cake.

I really like this author's work and humor; I'll keep an eye out for more from her.

P.S. Being a newbie to m/m romance, I didn't figure out until now that "GFY" means "gay for you." I like this theme and will seek more out.