Lord of Illusion (Signet Regency Romance)

Lord of Illusion (Signet Regency Romance) - Rita Boucher Heroine: Rowan Du Le Fey, the widowed Comtesse Du Le Fey, France's mistress of witches

Hero: Damien Nostradamus Wilton, Lord Wodesby, England's chief mage

Verdict: When I finished this book (read cover to cover in one sitting, 5AM in the morning be damned!), I literally had only one word: "Wow." This book was amazing, and Boucher left me speechless with the deftness of her pen and the depth of her characters. She has intricately woven an exciting and moving story that leaves a deep impression on the reader even after you put down the book. I found myself wishing the Wodesbys were real and that their magical world really was all around us. Although the cross-section may be small, lovers of Harry Potter and Regency England will fall in love with this book. The story itself is a serious one (not a Barbara Metzger comedy), but it is so emotionally arresting and creative that you are just drawn into the world of magical Regency England.

In a sentence or two: Rowan and Damien meet in the country disguised as a dowdy governess for Sir Hector's children and stage magician, respectively. She has been blackmailed into using her Gift to spy for Napoleon, and Damien has been sent to find the cause of governmental leaks coming from Sir Hector's household.