Lord Carlton's Courtship

Lord Carlton's Courtship - Debbie Raleigh From the back cover:


Lord Giles Carlton's first encounter with Miss Roma Allendyle had been, to say the least, indelicate. First he rescued her, even as she disguised herself as a grubby lad, from a mysterious ambush. Then he had no choice but to tend to her bullet wound. And now, decked in the very latest London mode, there stood before him that exquisite figure he had seen unclothed. When he learned of her secret search for a vanished brother, an agent of the Crown, Giles was impelled by honor - and nothing more - to offer his masterful assistance to this madcap, pint-sized chit.


Roma detested behaving like a proper lady, and scorned every dandy who danced attendance on her. Nor was she awed by the Season's prime catch, darkly handsome Lord Carlton, and his imperious interest in her affairs. Why she, who could outride and outshoot any gentleman, was perfect able to locate her brother alone! But Roma would find in Giles a will to match her own, a passion to rival her fierce pride, and an outlandish strategem of feigned love that could, for both of them, become too real to resist...