Trick of Time - J.L. Merrow *wiggles*

*squishes book*

Looooooooved it!

JL Merrow delivers. Again.

Unique time travel concept that could have been total shit in the wrong hands. But no. Not in JL Merrow's awesomely wonderful ones.

Ted, victim of a tragic accident that left him alone in the world (and related to which he still suffers some physical symptoms), travels through time back to Victorian England and meets Jem, a rent boy with a heart of gold. They're pretty much perfect for each other, but the obvious question of how they'll have a relationship together - and how reliable Ted's little time traveling stunt will be - must be answered before their HEA.

I pretty much ADORED this story. I got it from the BPL, but will be buying myself a copy to own.

*squishes book once more*

Seriously, they are wonderful characters and so perfect for each other. Ted and Jem's story is unique and super interesting, and I was rooting for them 100% all the way. Together, they help heal each other and find their places in the world.

Whose world do they find a place in?

Well, you'll have to read it to find out. ;)