Shadow's Claim - Kresley Cole Couldn't put it down!

I seriously love Kresley Cole's writing, and this book is no exception. The story was just so easy to read and super fun to follow. Even though the whole "Realm of Blood and Mist" thing is actually kinda off putting if you really try to visualize it, I nevertheless really enjoyed this book and particularly the no-nonsense vamp of a hero, Trehan Daciano.



Did someone order a tall, dark, serious, brooding, bookish-yet-deadly, super intelligent, fights-for-his-woman hero? *raises hand*

The vamp books are usually my least favorite of the IAD books, but this one totally worked for me. Maybe it's the inherent structure of the story, which is centered around a tournament for the hand of the heroine, Bettina. Maybe it's the super hottt vamp who hadn't lived life until seeing it through the eyes of his Bride. Maybe it's the plotty twists and turns that I totally did not expect. Whatever it was, this story was great, and I'd recommend it to paranormal romance readers without hesitation.

I'd say 4.5 stars overall because one of the plot points - that Bettina loves another - kind of dragged on too long for me. That said, the story worked splendidly overall, and it also works as a standalone if you haven't read the books in KC's IAD series yet.