Lover at Last - J.R. Ward

3.5 stars.

Ahhhhhhh. Well, now. I finished it. And I actually liked it.

There's a lot of introspection in this story because, even though the boys are obviously made for each other, they have a lot of mindfuckery going on that gets in the way of their recognizing or being comfortable with that fact.

But this is a 500+ page urban fantasy romance-centric book. And you know that shit's gotta hit the fan before they can HEA it up.

And so it goes.

Sometimes I would think "hey, they just need a solid, honest conversation to get this stuff over and done with," but with many romances, those conversations didn't come until the end. So the interim, I got their hate-sex, their happy-sex, their just-need-to-bone-sex, their angsty introspection, and the eight bajillion other side stories that are woven into the BDB series now.

Which was okay.

The sex - in all forms - was a hell yeah, the angsty introspection was kinda emo, and the other stories were...okay.

Actually, I found those side stories a lot LESS frustrating than they were in previous BDB installments because the focus of these other stories was, for the most part, romantic. You'll see when you read it. I mean, clearly it's series bait and these couples will show up in future books, but whatevs. It's way more fun to read romantic side stories than stupid lesser shenanigans. In the more recent BDB books, the other stories were more about various political machinations, etc., which definitely didn't hold my interest.

If you go into this book recognizing that JRW now writes urban fantasy and NOT paranormal romance, then you'll find this story very entertaining. And if you go into it as an avid m/m romance reader, you'll also come to the conclusion that JRW does not believe in lube.

SIDE NOTE: Can someone please send her publisher a solid proofreader? Or fire her copyeditor? I can volunteer for this position if they need a candidate. Or they can find anyone else with a reasonably decent grasp of the English language, for that matter. I mean, I can't possibly be the only one who caught these goofs:
1) "not got caught" (wrong word - should be "not get caught")
2) "airbagas" (typo - airbags)
3) "I'm mean" (wrong word - I mean)
4) "wathced" (typo - watched)
5) "I can imagine pants were definitely not fun." (This one really confused me b/c there was NO tangential issue with pants. Ultimately, figured out it was a wrong word - parts, not pants.)

This just made the book look sloppy. If I'd paid for this hardcover book (rather than borrowing it from the library), I would've been pissed to see these mistakes.


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Prepare for the epicness that is Blay & Qhuinn. And plenty o' man lovin' sexytimes in the process! ROWR.

ANNNNND in mainstream hardcover no less.

Can I get a squeeeeeee????