A Simple Romance - J.H. Knight 4.5 stars. Sweet, lighthearted, minimally-angsty? Totally my cup o' tea, mates!

Toss in a dash of super hottt sexytimes (like *fans self* smokin' hottt) with a spicy Spanish lover and a liberal sprinkling of humor and wit, and I just adored it. :) Definitely a feel good read with lovable main characters for whom you're rooting and a funny and lively supporting cast.

Only small thing I'd say is Skip held out a little TOO long in acknowledging his feelings for my tastes, and he really put Paul through the wringer during that time. Skip's obstinacy was a little frustrating, but I guess I could also see his side of things what with the time he'd spent marinating on the disaster of his previous relationship. Still, though...my heart ached for Paul sometimes. Good thing they got things right in the end with a really warm-and-fuzzy HEA. :)