Reflections of Love - Maria Albert;Nicki Bennett;Blaise S;Sean Kennedy Kind of torn on this one. It's not a bad collection, but it's not that great, either. I'll instead rate it a 2+/2.5 because, in the spectrum of m/m anthologies from Dreamspinner that I've read lately, it doesn't live up to the others.

Also, I noticed a number of the stories feature couples who seem to be established already. Yeah, um...those stories didn't really stand on their own, peeps.

I'd group the stories in maybe three categories:

Stories I enjoyed and may actually revisit to reread again one of these days:
"Don't Shoot the Messenger" - Humorous and cute. Nice and lighthearted start to the collection.
"Indulge on Valentine's Day" - This was sweet - pun sorta intended.
"The Wild Side" - Great setting on the boardwalk. Pretty decent background of each of the guys, too.

Stories pleasant enough to pass the time:
"Better Late Than Never" - I do like the bad boy meets geeky virgin wunderkind set up.
"Under Protest" - I was skeptical b/c this began clearly as a historical story, set during Vietnam protests. Not sure if it would be my cup of tea, but it was a sweet story. I would love to know how this HEA turned out.
"Meant To Be" - Cute story about bringing together two chaotic lifestyles.

Stories that didn't really work for me:
"The Second Time is the Charm"
"Hot Dr. Reindeer Antlers Kisses It Better"
"A Year-Long Valentine"
"Coming Home"

Overall, it's not as though I was super disappointed with the collection of stories. That said, I wasn't thrilled, either. It was a pleasant enough way to squeeze a little romance in without too much commitment.