Thief of Shadows - Elizabeth Hoyt Read it in one sitting and loved it.

Had so many things that I just squee over in a book:
- Virgin hero? CHECK.
- Older woman, younger man? CHECK.
- Hero in pursuit/unrequited love? CHECK.
- Suspense element that did not take over the story, but was enough to keep the plot interesting? CHECK.
- Evildoing villain I totally did not guess? CHECK.
- Heroine I actually liked and whose reasoning for shying away from the hero was noble and not TSTL "logic?" CHECK.
- Sprinkling of secondary characters who tied back to previous books, but not so much that they overwhelmed the current story? CHECK.
- Enough set up for the next book that, even though I didn't care much about those characters prior to this book, I am curious enough to want to read their book when it comes out in February? CHECK.
- Best of all, main characters who were strong, well-matched, really felt made for each other, complemented each other, and brought out the hidden depths in each other? DOUBLE CHECK.**

This was not a flawless book, but it felt so damned right when I read it. Highly recommended.

** - To expand on this point, I really enjoyed seeing the main characters learn, through the other person, that it's okay to have feelings for, care for, and love each other and the people around them.