Rogues - Ava March 3 stars. I liked this story, but I didn't love it. An m/m historical set in the Regency, Rogues is the final book in Ava March's Brook Street trilogy. After meeting these characters earlier in the series, we see in their story how two best friends reach their HEA.

The story, in brief.
Rob and Linus have been best friends since childhood, and they've shared everything together - conquests, secrets, hopes, dreams, and their first times...yes, in that way. Rob, who has always been a ladies' man, comes to recognize his jealousy of Linus's other male conquests and proposes to Linus that they become exclusive lovers. Linus, well aware of what he views as Rob's fickle nature, refuses. The rest of the story is the journey they take to alleviate Linus's worries and open Rob's eyes to what he truly wants.

The characters.
Linus is kind of an asshole in the second book, so I was a little wary to read a story featuring his HEA. The outer characterization is consistent, but we have the opportunity in this story to see his vulnerability and that which motivates his caustic exterior. I actually liked him a lot more than I anticipated. Rob is sweet - he doesn't understand why Linus would say no, and it takes some introspection and his own intimate knowledge of Linus to reach the surprising conclusion. I really liked that Rob was open-minded and cared so much for his friend that he was always a patient and reassuring presence in Linus's life.

The romance and sexytimes.
In keeping with my experience with Ava March's stories, I found the sexytimes here spicy. There was a level of comfort and familiarity between the two main characters that stemmed from their having been lovers for over a decade. It felt very...warm and inviting.

The romance, though, kind of stuttered for me. I guess I just didn't find the conflict all that engaging. I enjoyed seeing them reach an understanding and find their HEA, but it felt a little drawn out to me. The angst of their conflict didn't really feel justified, in my opinion.

What really shone for me was the ease of the two men's friendship. I just found their friendship to be a deeply strong and caring one, and the little gestures and actions they took in each other's company supported this bond in every way. I guess I didn't think the romantic conflict seemed all that likely when their relationship (and openness otherwise) was so apparent.

Overall, I enjoyed this novella and am glad I read it; however, I didn't find it as enjoyable as the first two books in the series. The characters were engaging, but the conflict just wasn't there to make this romance shine.

Note: Thank you to the author and Carina Press for providing a copy of this book through NetGalley.