I'm In No Mood For Love - Rachel Gibson Light and fluffy. Just what I needed.

Charming allergic-to-commitment hero who thinks he's getting what he wants when the heroine proposes a protecting-her-heart, friends-with-benefits arrangement. I was afraid the heroine was going to be one of those prissy rich girls, but I found her very easy to relate to and quite a sympathetic character. I loved the hero's point of view in this book, and it was really sweet to see the little things he did and thought that clued us in to his feelings even before he became aware of them himself.

I wasn't too keen on some of the big time jumps (skipping forward weeks to months in a chapter or scene change), but I rolled with it. The development of their relationship from childhood acquaintances/friends to adult frienemies-to-lovers just seemed more realistic with that timeline.

There were some noticeable wrong word choices and malapropisms, but I'm feeling generous today and still am giving this book a weak 4 stars.

Enjoyable, fun, and nothing too heavy.