Runabout - Pamela Morsi I loved this book!

This was a friends to lovers book of the most wonderful variety. Set in an unusual historical era (early 20th Century Oklahoma right before WWI), it had a great period voice and lively characters. The storytelling was robust and thorough, and I eagerly followed along as I saw Luther fall...slowly and ever so inevitably...for his dear friend Tulsa May.

The story, in brief...
Tulsa May (or "Tulsy") was humiliated rather publicly and is now the subject of local gossip in her small Oklahoma town. Her dear friend Luther suggests a diversionary tactic by which he pretends to court her, which will force the town to take notice of this new development and forget about how they feel sorry for her. Well..."pretend" courting...we all know how that turns out. ;)

The characters.
I really liked both Tulsa May and Luther. Tulsa May is a smart woman with an education, and she's not one to hide her light under a bushel. She's got a quick wit and a kind heart. While she wouldn't break mirrors, Tulsa May is by no means the town beauty, and she has a head full of carrot-colored hair to top it all off...

...carrot-colored hair that we discover Luther has always found fascinating and beautiful. Awwww. Luther is a half-Indian/half-white heartthrob who runs the local bicycle and autoworks shop. He, his brother, and Tulsa May have been as close as siblings ever since he and his brother were orphaned and brought to the town when Luther was in his mid-teens. He's extremely loyal to them, and when Tulsa May expressed her dismay at being the object of the town's pity, he comes up with the scheme to divert their attention by pretending to court her himself. They both enter into it not knowing that they'll want to turn their pretend courting into something more.

The romance and sexytimes.
I looooooved the romance. It was really really sweet and had quite a slow burn. I loved watching as their feelings developed and they became aware of each other "in that way." Note that there's only one sexytimes scene in this book.

The secondary romance(s).
There were two secondary romances here. One of them involving Luther's younger brother was great. I really liked that one, and the payoff was fantastic.

The second is the part of the book that I think would merit some criticism. It involves Luther's "other woman," who felt that she was scorned even though Luther never made her any promises. Now, you know I'm not an "other woman" plot fan, so yeah...this part didn't really float my boat. That said, it tied into the plot fairly well, and it reached a decent conclusion by the end. I thought that perhaps a bit TOO much focus was paid to this other woman. Nonetheless, it didn't detract from my overall enjoyment of Luther and his Tulsy's romance.

YAY.COM/IwanttoglomallofMorsi'sbooksnow.html! :D So...I've read two of Pamela Morsi's Americana books and both have been 5 star reads for me. Methinks I need to glom her historical books. Like badly. Like now. Like... *drifts off to find them on eBay and Amazon...* :)

Original review: Nicaragua hammock read #4 - fucking loved it!!!! I'm still in Nicaragua, but yeah...I felt absolutely compelled to seek out Internet access to share the awesomeness of this book. Review to come.