The Desire for Dearborne - V.B. Kildaire I'm torn between giving this book the strongest 3 ever vs. the weakest 4 ever. It's a tough call. The characters were very likable, and it was delicious to see jaded man-about-town Julien as he fell for wide-eyed, naive newcomer Leander.

What drags this story down a little for me, though, is the suspense plot. The bad guy was totally predictable, but even if I were to discount that element, I just thought that there was too much time when the two main characters were not interacting and instead were embroiled within the suspense element of the story.

Another aspect that didn't quite ring true was the ease of acceptance that Julien found in his preference for male company. I thought that Society was way too blase towards his seemingly widely-known homosexuality. It was a case of "as long as he's discreet, anything goes." I didn't find that all too believable, to be honest, and I thought it was also very surprising that they were so accepting of Leander's implied "coming out" as Julien's lover, as well.

Note that the sexytimes in this story, while multiple, are not very explicit (a page or two each, maybe). That said, the tension between the main characters - when they're both "on screen," that is - is very nicely played out.

This story was well-written, but there were a handful or so of editing oversights that were distracting. I think I'm going with a 3 star rating, but please understand that it's a very robust and super strong 3++++.