He's No Prince Charming - Luann McLane I liked it, but not enough that I'll remember it much a year from now. The secondary romance in this one is awesome and alone would be at least 4 stars. :D

The story, in a nutshell.
Former teen pop princess Dakota Dunn butts heads - and body parts - with Trace Coleman, the ex-rodeo star who now manages the marina/fishing camp that she owns. She moves back to the area in an attempt to find new musical inspiration and to reinvent herself as a country star, and, in the process, she turns life upside down for everyone at the camp.

The characters.
Dakota drove me nuts for a good portion of the story, but I warmed up to being "neutral" about her by the end. I just could not believe how klutzy and clumsy she was, and she also annoyed me immensely every time she screamed...seemingly without justification. A spider? SCREAM. A mouse in a mouse trap? SCREAM. Tripping in the bathroom? SCREAM. *smacks forehead* I'll give her something to scream about *waves fist menacingly*. Her saving grace was that she was kind-hearted and seemed genuine in her kindness. It's just that the kindness was packaged with her impossible clumsiness and her tendency to be rather unnecessarily theatrical.

I liked Trace. He didn't stand out in the pantheon of Romancelandia heroes, but he worked nicely for this story. He was gruff and grouchy...but then he reluctantly found himself concerned over the heroine's constant screaming (and even after he realized this screaming was over non-scream-worthy provocations). He's scarred - both inside and out - from his years as a champion bull rider and his sudden tumble from the top. And hot daaaaaamn is he (or at least his embodiment) a sexay beast on this cover. Rowr.

The secondary romance.
SQUEEEEE! I loved this part!! I loved the secondary characters and their secondary romance!! The book paid a LOT of attention to the secondary romance, and I absolutely devoured those parts. I think I might even have enjoyed them more than the main romance. *gasp* Basically, the tomboy camp cook caught the eye of the camp's fishing guide, who was the local playboy. He'd always treated her like "one of the guys," and they had a strong friendship with a lot of playful ribbing (a.k.a. flirting!). Dakota came onto the scene and showed the camp cook how to be a bit more girly, and the girls hit the town together. Well, the fishing guide and Trace decided to follow the girls into town to make sure they don't get into trouble. Hello, jealous beast!! Okay, seriously, I thought this part was really charming and had a huge grin at the payoff.

Romance and sexytimes.
The romance was nice. It was good. However, there was a lot of telling and not showing. Usually I don't pay much attention to that stuff, but it's pretty apparent in this story. And if there was showing, then there was also a lot of explanatory telling, too. For that reason, I don't think the romance was as strong as it could have been. The writing style simply wasn't to my liking.

The sexytimes were good. Pretty steamy, but nothing to blow you out of the water, either emotionally or creatively. They worked for the story.

I liked it, and the secondary romance could have been a fine romance on its own. This isn't much of a cowboy book, despite the cowboy hat on the cover. However, it was an enjoyable and lighthearted contemporary and also an easy read, despite the initial misgivings I had about the heroine.