Valentine Kittens (Zebra Regency Romance) - Jo Ann Ferguson, Valerie King, Cynthia Bailey Pratt A weak 3 stars overall.

First story, Belling the Kitten by Jo Ann Ferguson: 1 star. Did not like this one, especially its histrionic heroine. The story introduces her when her hysterical screaming disturbs the hero, who is also a guest at the inn. Even worse, the hysterical screaming is due to a kitten in her room who had scratched one of her gowns. I mean, really?? *smacks forehead* Trust me, it doesn't get much better after that.

Second story, A Tangle of Kittens by Valerie King: 3-3.5 stars. This was a cute story with likable main characters. I was initially a little wary of the plot line in general because both the hero and heroine were engaged to other people when first they met. However, in true Romancelandia form, of course the people to whom they are betrothed fell in love with each other. Oh oh, aaaaaand the hero's then-betrothed ALSO turned out to be the heroine's long-lost stolen-at-birth twin sister. Yup. YUP. Twins AND betrotheds. Kinda crazy, but still cute. The kittens in this story were very cute and helped to further the plot along, which I liked.

Third story, The Birthday Kitten by Cynthia Pratt: 4-4+ stars. This was the winner of the bunch for me. I reeeeally liked this story. This story focused on a newly-married couple who married for comfort and mutual respect. That all gets turned topsy turvy when the hero does something unheroic on the heroine's birthday, and, to repent, he finds a kitten to give to her for her birthday present. Take a mischievous kitten and a villainous suitor from the past, add in the hero's surprising discovery that he's feeling - what is this??? - jealousy, and you have an engaging and pretty well-rounded romance in the span of 80 or so pages. I knew this one was a winner when I was coming towards the end and bemoaning the fact that this book is traditional Regency - i.e., NO SEXYTIMES. *groan* However, there was a little teaser at the end that was REALLY cute: we get some of the kitten's POV, which is used to very cute suggestive effect. Kitty is in the bedroom, and hero and heroine had just set her on the bed. Kitty POV - They showed her the attention she deserved, scratching her ears, smoothing her fur, while they talked in low voices. She'd almost fallen asleep when they moved her once again to the floor. Offended, she stalked back to her basket while those strange sounds that had awakened her began again. Heeeeeeee! Cute, right? :)