Discreet Young Gentleman - M. J. Pearson Edit:
OH. MY. GOD. There's a YouTube trailer for this book featuring Barbie and Ken dolls. Seriously. Complete with "cast" such as "Dance Club Kayla" and "Mod Hair Ken." AND there's a Making Of/Behind the Scenes website talking about the YouTube project. HOLY SHITE. I <3 you, M.J. Pearson! Seriously, people, YOU NEED TO READ THIS.<br/>

Original Review:
Soooooooo sweet. Such a cute and heart-warming story with likable and sympathetic characters. The back stories are remarkably well done for a shorter book (it's ~170 pages), and the plot ties itself up well and cleanly with a very sweet and sigh-worthy ending.

The cover is totally outrageously breeches-ripper ridiculous, but, in truth, this story is pretty light and subtle on the sexytimes. Even so, I easily saw the emotions and yearning on the parts of both characters without a lot of physical action needed. In terms of "heat" level, I'd put it somewhere between traditional Regency Mary Balogh and Regency historical Julia Quinn. So a little warmer than "warm" with some euphemisms, but thankfully low on the purple prose and also lacking (in a good way) long descriptions of explicit stuff. It was actually quite tasteful. Highly recommended!

P.S. OMG I should know better than to start reading at 11:45PM. This message is time stamped at 4:40AM. O__o

P.P.S. Some of the conversation with Dean's coachman is auf Deutsch. It's gratifying to know my German degree is good for something.