Rejar - Dara Joy Edit: By the way, did you guys notice that the dude on the cover HAS NO ARMPIT HAIR?? Apparently, kitty shifters on Aviara don't grow fur there. *lifts eyebrows skeptically*

This was a weird one for me. You definitely have to be in the mood for the crazies. Like...CRAZY loco, esé. I mean, shifter hero from Aviara (another parallel universe) time travels/portals into Regency England and lands as a cat at the feet of the virginal heroine? Oh, and shifter hero has crazy sexytimes powers and can make you come with a kiss? Oh yeah, and Lord Byron is a character, and the hero's brother also time travels/portals from their home planet (he's pretty hot, too). YUP. Leave your logic hat at the door, folks.

So, yeah, I knew that I was gonna get some crazies going into this book. Cool, I was down with that.

In fact, this book would typically have merited a higher rating because, for a large part of it, I was thoroughly enjoying (1) the crazies, (2) the incessant tongue-in-cheek-but-doesn't-he-wish-it-were-between-the-heroine's-thighs-instead innuendo from the hero, (3) the hilarious references to the hero's enthralling sensuality by other characters and the general narrative, and (4) the hero's why-am-I-not-screwing-anything-in-skirts-but-rather-just-going-home-to-watch-over-the-heroine-in-her-sleep confusion.


It's a bodice ripper.

Like, literally.

Like, he rips her bodice and pounces on her around 300 pages into it. Literally rips it. I shit you not.

Then he uses the sexual mojo powers in his arsenal (including the "Nine Hundred Strokes to Love" and a whole repertory of different love bites) to fuck her until she faints. I shit you not.

I was like...O__o.


That didn't even faze me as much as the EARLIER ripper-y (er...raper-y?) scene. She's about to go out on an errand without him, against his express wishes. He's fed up with her not listening to/obeying him and disciplines her with sex. Like...he's furious, calls her into the dressing room, and just says "take off your pantalettes." Then he has her step out of them, picks her up by the waist, and fucks her up against the door. That shit ain't my bag, yo. I was cringing all throughout it, even when her "dew" suddenly made an appearance before he was about to penetrate. *smacks forehead* Suffice to say that, if sex-as-punishment isn't your thing, then there's a scene in this one that might make you squirm (in a bad I did). That scene really resonated with me in a negative way, and I had a hard time getting back on board with the story and the hero after that.

Okay, so I knew I was getting crazies. What I didn't know was I was getting some rape-y crazies, too. Meh.

What's weird is the hero, Rejar, was otherwise SO caring and tender with the heroine, Lilac, that these bodice raper-y scenes came as a huge shock to my system. I really liked him...other than this stuff.

Lilac was okay...sometimes annoying, sometimes overly naive, but then I reminded myself that she was a Regency virgin who had never seen a bare chest before, let alone the sexay beast that was Rejar. I was floating on this "she's okay" wave until the end where she did this ridiculous thing that had me ready to bust out the sirens for the TSTL Police to haul her ass away. I was like W. T. F.

It all worked out in the end (obviously - this is a romance, after all, and there's clearly a HEA), but I was like...hrmmmm...when it happened.

What it boils down to...

If you're okay with raper-y stuff (which to be honest is actually only maybe 1.5 scenes in a whole plethora of sexytimes - I just am squeamish about stuff like that) and are in the mood for total crazies that included some laugh out loud lines and moments, then you might want to give this one a try.

Some bon bon quotes to whet your appetite...

Rejar contemplates the vagaries of this new world:

...Pox! Who had ever heard of pox? What would be the next horror he would have to endure here?

It would probably be something like beautiful, young women forbidden to have sex altogether.

He stopped a moment, snickering at his own imagination gone wild.

No, that was too far fetched even for this ridiculous world!

Rejar is a horndog (or, perhaps more appropriately, a tomcat?):

Exhibit A:
His feline sights shifted to the young woman who had been in the conveyance with him. The one who said she would take him in.

He smiled slowly to himself. Mayhap she would.

Exhibit B:
...At least he had won the battle with that odd little man who called himself a tailor. He would not wear that ridiculously stiff collar on his shirt known as a cravat! Familiars could not abide tight restrictions about the neck.

Unless it was a woman's arms. Or legs. That was different.

Rejar is a STUD:

..."Why, when I finish--"
"Don't you mean when HE finishes, my dear?" Lady Henry interrupted, from the lofty viewpoint of years of experience with the opposite sex.
"Goodness, no! [Rejar] takes FOREVER to finish."
Twelve pairs of eyes bulged at the very thought.
"Sometimes," Lilac blithely went on, "I finish four or five times before he does."
Virginia Hallston's scissors crashed to the floor.

P.S. This is the second book in the sci fi/fantasy series "Matrix of Destiny." That said, the book reads more like a paranormal historical since it is mostly set in Regency England. I read the first book, but it's not necessary because this one could be read as a standalone.There are only a few scene cutaways to Rejar's home planet and what his brothers (including the hero and heroine from book one) are up to there.

P.P.S. Also, you have to be okay with some abuses of the English language. For example, there are times when the narrative used the wrong homophone, such as "excepting" instead of "accepting" or the constant use of "loosing" instead of "losing" as in "I'm loosing my mind." Yup. You are forewarned.