Dragon Heat - Allyson James A whole lot of mehhhhhhhh...with some squicky and memorable (in an awful way) food sex tossed into the mix. The insipid and rather TSTL heroine creates an ice cream sundae (yeah, you read that right) on the gigantic manly man hero's turgid and tumescent manly parts, complete with cherry "right on the tip of his hardness." Not sexay. Not anywhere near it, really.

Combine squicky food sex with rather repetitive and info-dump writing, plus questionable Chinese cultural aspects (uh, I'm Chinese and I grew up in San Francisco, so I dare pass judgment on this part, actually), and I was non-wowed by this book. Also, the heroine buys the H an "I <3 SF" T-shirt (NON-ironically), which automatically earns her negative points from the fashion police and drops this rating at least one star. <br/>
Redeeming aspects: The hero is a dragon who is in human form for the first time. His cluelessness when learning about the human world is pretty cute and charming. The idea of the dragon world is also pretty cool, but I didn't find the execution or description of it compelling. Also, non-Caucasion main characters always catch my eye - it's just unfortunate she's TSTL.