Pleasure Unbound - Larissa Ione 3-3.5 stars. I get why this series has a huge fan base. I thought it was good and well written, but because it didn't really "grab me" to the point where I couldn't stop reading it (as evidenced by my continuing to turn back to my iPad to play on the Internet), I'm sticking with a 3/3.5 rating. I think I'm going to keep reading the series, if only to get to Wraith (to whom I developed an unhealthy attachment). The characters and world-building were done well. It had an edgy and darkly urban feel to it, similar to the Black Dagger Brotherhood world, only the Demonica world had a decided lack of slang and "shitkickers" (thank god!).

I didn't particularly like the heroine, Tayla, but I could see why she developed her hang-ups and hatred (which I thought she hung onto for far longer than was logical). It kind of blew my mind that Eidolon fell in love with her when I couldn't really see how their interactions would have shown him much about her other than her prejudice, hatred, and fighting nature. He was much more understanding than I would have expected or than I would have been in those circumstances.

The sexytimes were a little oh-my-stars over-the-top, even for my pervy self. They were boinking at page 26 (and my face was like "whoa" O__o), the obsession with sex continued throughout the book, and Eidolon had an inner monologue at one point that was an ode to the heroine's gold-plated and magical girly parts, which was a bit much. I dunno...there was just so much of it - and it was so pervasive - that I didn't find it all that special or noteworthy when there were sexytime scenes. I also didn't really feel a marked difference emotionally between their "f**king" and "making love." It all read the same to me.

In terms of going forward, I recognize that they are incubi...gonna have to keep reminding myself of all the sex and obsession that such a breed brings with it as I continue with the series. Now, onwards to Shade's book (but with an eye on Wraith's following that)!