Burning Up (Berkley Sensation) -  'Meljean Brook',  'Virginia Kantra', 'Angela Knight', Nalini Singh For the two stories that I read, I averaged out the overall rating to 4 stars. I don't keep up with either of the other two authors, so I didn't read them or include them in this review. The Takeaway: Should you have the opportunity, check this out, if only for the Meljean Brook story set in the Iron Seas steampunk world.

Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling novella "Whisper of Sin": Pretty standard Psy-Changeling fare with a strong alpha male Changeling from DarkRiver, Emmett, falling hard and fast for a sheltered, coming-into-her-own human, Ria. Those of us who follow this series will recognize Ria as Lucas's very capable human assistant. It was well written and had a good plot to tie the suspense and romance together. An upstart out of town gang is trying to challenge DarkRiver's hold on San Francisco, and they have Ria in their cross hairs, which means, conveniently, that DarkRiver will be protecting her family and, more specifically, Emmett will be protecting her. Ultimately, though, the story didn't add much to the Psy-Changeling world, and, while it was enjoyable to read, it was also pretty forgettable. I read it yesterday and already have pretty much wiped it from my romance mind bank. 3 stars overall.

Meljean Brook's Iron Seas novella "Here There Be Monsters": HOLY. SHITE. I rarely say this, but...5+++++++++ stars! FARKING LURVED THIS STORY!! Having just read "Heart of Steel," I was already freshly familiar with these two characters (Mad Machen and Ivy Blacksmith) and itching to know their story. Man, Meljean Brook does NOT disappoint! Their story is totally sexy, sweet, and swashbuckling, and, once again, the world building is AWESOME. Without giving away too much of the plot, suffice to say that Mad Machen is a man hellbent on finding - and keeping - the sweet little redheaded blacksmith who has captured his heart, and, once he finds her, he just has to convince her of two things: (a) to stay with him and (b) that he's not the cruel monster featured in the pirate stories that have clouded her opinion of him. At the same time, they have to navigate, among other things, shipboard politics, since a captain can't be seen to be "going soft" for his lil lady. The ending to this story was also perfect - loved it. I'm really not explaining this well, but trust me when I say that this story was SO SO good. The plot was full bodied and robust, and the characters, their thoughts, and their actions felt acutely real and authentic. I loved this story. I might even need to reread it again just to savor it since I blazed through it the first time. 5+++++++++++ stars and a bag o' chips for this one!