Envy  - J.R. Ward 3+ stars. I liked Veck. I liked Reilly for the most part... I HATED that she was so easily convinced that her lover, with whom she had just made love the night before, was a serial killer who seduced her as part of his charismatic and psychopathic agenda.

JRW knows how to put together characters and back stories that capture my interest, even if the overabundance of slang makes me want to request, respectfully, that she cut with the bro speak when she's slappin' the keys to create these stories on her lappie, true? I found my eyes glazing over with some of the overarching war of good-versus-evil narrative, even though the war and occurrences themselves are interesting. I just would love it if she dialed back on it like she did with the lessers in BDB, or if she took a page from Nalini Singh's book and limited the bigger picture world-building stuff to a page or two at a time. Don't get me wrong, though, this was still quite a page-turning, entertaining read. Just know that, as with the current BDBs and the first two Fallen Angels books, it's not really romance-focused, but there is at least an HEA in the end.