Ladies Prefer Rogues: Four Novellas of Time-Travel Passion - Janet Chapman, Sandra Hill, Veronica Wolff, Trish Jensen Janet Chapman's "Man from the Moon" - 3- stars. Decent isolated cabin romance setting. Interesting glimpse into futuristic moon man life based on the H's descriptions. Falling in love in five days felt totally ridiculous.

Sandra Hill's "Tomorrow is Another Day" - 2 stars. Kinda meh overall. Not a fan of the "Gone with the Wind" allusions. Didn't find either the H or h particularly appealing. Also, choppy writing that I didn't enjoy reading.

Veronica Wolff's "The Drowning Sea" - 3.5-4 stars. Very sweet romance set in 1600s Scotland. Liked the use of time travel to right past wrongs and rediscover true love that the H had thought lost forever. This one felt more full-bodied and believable (in terms of finding love in 80-90 pages) than the others. Told almost entirely from the H's POV. This one is worth reading, and it could have been developed into a full book, in my opinion.

Trish Jensen's "Sixteen Decades" - 3 stars. Cute and fantastical with an endearing heroine from the mid-1800s who finds herself in modern day Nevada. Pretty feel good, but the ending was a little abrupt.

Overall verdict: Decent time travel anthology, but I'm happy I only borrowed it from the library.