The Iron Duke -  Meljean Brook This book rocks my socks.

Action. Adventure. Mystery. Humor. Romance. Sexytimes. Fiercely determined and protective hero. Smart, loyal and courageous heroine. Wonderful secondary characters. NIFTY GADGETS.

Seriously, this book has it all.

This was my first steampunk read, and I loved it for all of the wonderful things I mentioned above. I found myself at work, glancing at the clock and looking forward to getting home so I could finish this book. The first 5-10 pages kind of throw you right into the world that the author has created, and I was a little overwhelmed and confused at first. Once I caught on, though, I couldn't stop turning the pages of this wild ride of a story. While I wasn't 100% thrilled about/sold on the set up for the very last scene, the scene itself actually brought tears to my eyes. Literally.

You should read this book.

No, seriously, you should.

I'd borrowed this book from the library and was at 268 pages (out of 378) when I stopped by Borders to buy myself a copy so that I could own one and keep reading it again and again. I felt triumphant when I found the last copy on the closeout sale shelf. Seriously, if a book can make you want to spend money and feel victorious when you find a copy, it must be all that and a bag of chips.