Must Love Lycans - Michele Bardsley Between 3 and 4 stars. Funny, fast-paced, passionate writing with a snarky first person POV heroine. There were times when the narrator's mercurial mood shifts grated on my nerves. I guess that's one of the more general things I dislike about first person POV - the reader is really entrenched in the narrator's head, whether we like it or not. The Broken Heart world is a fun one with lively characters, but I can tell (even if I hadn't read the author's note that essentially confesses to it) that the world and its rules and characters are basically being made up as she goes along. The story was a really enjoyable and lighthearted read, nonetheless. Upwards of a dozen or so editing mistakes (usually missing words or wrong word order) give the book an unpolished feel, though, so I'm ultimately going with a 3 star rating.