Caressed By Ice - Nalini Singh 4-4.5 stars.

Not much to add after so many glowing reviews. On a general level, I am liking this world a lot, but feel that, after reading the first three books so quickly, I need to slow down/pace myself. I'll probably take a break to get to some historicals in between this one and Clay's book. I was so eager to get to Judd's that I sped through books 1-3.

The transformation of Judd into who he is by the end of the story (having grown into the feelings he is so unaccustomed to having) is really well done. Brenna is a strong heroine who is just who Judd needs to pull him out of his Silence-induced emotional coma. She makes him want to break the Silence. I had a silly grin and did a little silly squirmy dance for the last 40-50 pages.

Let's just say that still waters run deep, and Judd's "plan" is swoon-worthy.