Slave to Sensation - Nalini Singh 4.5-5 stars for this paranormal romance that has a heaping dose of adventure/mystery on the side.

Set in the 2070s in San Francisco, "Slave to Sensation" is a little far-out/sci-fi (which is not my normal genre), but not so much so that it is distracting or hard to follow. I took a long time to decide to read this series - in part, I'll confess, because the font on the cover looks like something from my third grade "create a book" project (sorry, it's true!). After hearing so many rave reviews, though, I decided to give it a go, and I'm so glad that I did.

Nalini Singh weaves together a finely knit world that captivated me pretty much from the start. Lucas, the hero changeling, is wonderful - strong, possessive and totally alpha but vulnerable in his own way when it comes to the heroine, Sascha, a Psy to whom he doesn't quite understand his attraction. Their romance is a joy to follow, and the teamwork, protectiveness, and sacrifice they show in unraveling the mystery is a gratifying portent for their future together.

Enough people have summarized the plot to make it redundant to go into that part of the story. However, I'll just say that, if you are hesitant about starting the series because of (1) the semi-cheesy title and/or cover art and/or (2) you're not sure about a paranormal series that is set in a futuristic world, then please don't let those things hold you back from diving into a world (series) that is engrossing and has my favorite - a HEA at the end of each book.

I'll be reading the next of the series, and I'm delighted that I have 9+ books to catch up on!