Forbidden Magic - Jo Beverley This is a marriage of convenience Regency historical that includes an element of the paranormal/magic.

Sax, the Earl of Saxonhurst, is an earl - a very eccentric earl who has a unique personality. Somehow, he collects unwanteds (e.g., giving lawbreakers and handicapped servants positions in his household, adopting an ugly dog), but he is never deliberate or condescending about it. Rather, this behavior stems from a genuinely generous (if sometimes capricious) heart. At the same time, he is also a man of many appetites...and he possesses what can only be described as animal magnetism, for lack of a better term.

The heroine, Meg Gillingham, is a plain former-governess who is struggling to support her four brothers and sisters after the sudden deaths of their parents. She is practical to the extreme...except for her wild and well-founded belief in the pagan statue that her mother has left in her care. Through a series of events that includes a desperate wish on the pagan statue, Sax and Meg agree to marry without having set eyes on each other, thus solving her financial problems and a family problem of his own.

As Sax and Meg uncover each other's depths and little secrets (e.g., Sax nearly goes cross-eyed when he discovers Meg's hidden undergarments are intricately embroidered), they find themselves falling in love with the spouse that fate has thrown their way.

This story is fun and does devolve into a little bit of a madcap caper in the last third; however, the characters are wonderful and I always enjoy reading it.