Delacey's Angel - Monique Ellis Read this ages ago, but made an impression on me, in a not so favorable way.

I don't particularly like the evil-relatives-conspiring-to-end-the-match trope, so I didn't particularly like this story. Call me completely superficial, but the cover heroine's pale, wan looks also are a major turn off for me. Objectively, her character was pleasingly practical and refreshing, but those awful relatives (and mocking ton members) just made this book unenjoyable in the end.

I rehashed the below in a discussion thread recently. Hopefully it'll help people who are considering this book.

This is a traditional Regency. Hero is a war vet earl who has been searching for years for the "angel" who had tended him on the battlefield. He finds her. He compromises her deliberately. He wants to marry her. She's the daughter of a country doctor, and she's not anywhere near his stratospheric social tier. His mother (her future mother in law) is a vile, vicious woman. At the end, his mother burns down their mansion in a vindictive rage because she thinks that aligning the family with the heroine would be a travesty to the family name, etc. and she would rather destroy their ancestral home than have the heroine live in it. Traditional Regency means NO sex scenes.