Head Over Heels  - Jill Shalvis A 4-ish book...maybe a weak 4, but better than a 3. A very good read. Sawyer as the strong-but-silent type and Chloe as the reforming wild child were a surprisingly good match. I'd expected to be annoyed with Chloe after seeing her irresponsible and impulsive nature in the previous two books, but she definitely grew up in the year since the three sisters moved to Lucky Harbor. I really liked Sawyer's actions-speak-louder approach, and it was especially sweet, insightful, and romantic to see them working together to find mutual pleasure and intimacy while faced with her physical exertion-limiting asthma as a challenge.

Some minor criticisms with the series as a whole: (1) I thought the epilogue was unnecessary or I could have done with a better one, not sure what would have worked to improve the conclusion of my reading more; (2) this book would have made a nice, polished ending to a three siblings trilogy, and instead I saw that Lucky Harbor is going to be an ongoing series, which leads me to (3) there was a continuing and relentless introduction of new characters throughout this book - not sure if that's a good move. This "oh, here's a new name and person popping onto the scene, and guess what? She/he is hot and interesting, too!" situation got rather tiresome, to be honest.

Overall, though, a cute, easy, comfortable read. I liked it. Note that, as mentioned before, this is part of a series. I feel like each of the three sisters' books has its own strengths and enjoyable aspects, so I'd say reading all of them in order would give you a greater enjoyment of this particular installment.