Beth And The Bachelor (Silhouette, Special Edition, No. 1263) - Susan Mallery Quick and dirty: Beth's a widow with two teenage kids. Her friends buy her a night on the town with millionaire bachelor Todd. She abandons him on their initial date auction date, for which his assistant had booked a super trendy restaurant (per his norm). He is flabbergasted...and a little intrigued. He gets her to agree to another date, and he actually plans this one himself. Note: His assistant gives him the side-eye because he NEVER plans these things!

They're an older couple - he's in his 40s; she's in her late 30s, I believe. After their date, Todd starts hanging out with Beth and her family.

This is a sweet romance (but there ARE some sexytimes) and has realistic relationship development when compared to most of these category romances.