Wicked Intentions - Elizabeth Hoyt Very good and steamy read that introduced the seedy St. Giles area and Hoyt's new-to-me Maiden Lane series. I'm a little vanilla when it comes to atypical sexytimes in "mainstream" romance, so I hesitated a little when I heard that this book had some BDSM aspects. What's included in this book wasn't lurid or outside the flow of the story; rather, the sexytimes, including the light BDSM parts, were well integrated and appropriate to the characters and setting (for the most part - see spoiler (2) below). I really enjoyed this story and thought the characters, setting, underlying mystery, and tone were engaging and well developed.

Two things kind of stuck out to me as a little odd/bothersome with the events at the end: (1) I thought Caire's turnaround when he said he loved his mother was a little too fast and unexpected to be believable, particularly after (a) having shown such cold disregard for his mother throughout the book and (b) having surprised the heck out of Temperance by saying he loved her when previously he had said he didn't feel emotions in the first place. I would have found it a little more likely if he had softened up to his mother - it's clear he has some sense of duty and/or affection for her since he continues to obey her requests to visit her, etc. - without dropping the "L" bomb. However, the full turnaround to say he loves her was a little extreme in my opinion. (2) I wasn't 100% on board with Temperance's turning the tables on Caire at the end by initiating sexytimes with him where he was bound to the bed. He agreed to do it, and I could see why she did it...I just wasn't sure if the timing was right for it then. She was knowingly causing him pain at a time when he had just survived a near-fatal and harrowing experience. That just didn't sit well with me.

I am really looking forward to this series, especially Silence's story. I saw that Lady Hero's story is next, though, so I guess we won't be in Maiden Lane as often as we are in this book. Call me a convert, but I kind of prefer the seedy and shady underworld of London's lowly denizens of St. Giles to the glittering balls and musicales of the ton. At least, I prefer them when Hoyt is writing about them. This book was a very enjoyable and dark read that I recommend to historical romance lovers.