See Jane Score - Rachel Gibson I'd say this is more like a 3+ story that I'm tempted to bump up to a 3.5/4 for the delicious tension and chemistry between the main characters. There were definitely some laugh out loud moments, and I liked the book, humor, and storytelling as a whole. The climax/misunderstanding was a little overblown and exaggerated in my opinion, but the epilogue was pitch perfect for me and left me with a smile on my face. Unfortunately, however, sloppy editing (e.g., "prefect" when it was supposed to say "perfect," or another scene where she's wearing wool slacks at the beginning of the scene and then the next moment she's wearing jeans) distracted and detracted from my overall enjoyment of the story.

Edit: By the way, Luc reminded me of Bo Novikov, the grumpy (sorta prima donna?) hockey-playing polar shifter in Shelly Laurenston's "Beast Behaving Badly."