Too Good to Be True - Kristan Higgins This was a really strong 3 "I liked it." I feel kinda weird rating this one because I have mixed feelings about various aspects. This book was my first by Kristan Higgins, and I have to agree with the readers who think her stories read more like chick-lit than straight up romance. That said, I liked the writing voice and humor, but I was not a fan of the first person narrative, which I understand is generally her style. The story wasn't all that unique, but it was a nice, easy and overall fulfilling read that was a fun way to pass the time while flying around on my vacation. The characters were sympathetic and likable - I just wish we had had a chance to get some of Callahan's POV! (Darned first person writing!!) I will definitely try Kristan Higgins's other books, regardless of the first person aspect of her writing, because I enjoyed her writing so much.