Scandal Bound - Anita Mills If I were to rank my traditional Regency romance novels ("serious" novels of the time such as Pride & Prejudice notwithstanding), "Scandal Bound" by Anita Mills would be in my top three, if not the number one spot outright.

Considering I've read (literally) hundreds of these novels, that says quite a bit. This is the book that I loan to friends who are curious what Regency romance novels are about, and I've universally received positive feedback from all of them, even those who don't typically read romance.

The hero and heroine are very likable, and it has just enough intrigue to keep you entertained outside of the development of the romance. Will he return her to her repulsive and odious husband? Will she reform his wild ways (e.g., one of the early scenes shows him shooting a highwayman on their wild flight from London)? What will their journey across England bring next (a questionable hostelry, highwaymen, and pouring rain, oh my!)? How will he extricate her from her unwanted marriage? Highly recommended.