Attachments - Rainbow Rowell A really strong 3, almost a 4. Lincoln is a sweetheart. I was skeptical about his H-worthiness at the beginning of the book. We find out that he doesn't like going out to meet new people, he hasn't dated in three years, he's part of a group of friends who meet regularly every Saturday to play Dungeons & Dragons, AND he lives at home with his mother...and prefers it that way. I mean, are you kidding me?

But no, this story works in the end because we see Lincoln growing into adulthood and independence, and we learn about the romantic, kind, thoughtful person he is. The format of the book is almost entirely alternating chapters between "flagged" emails between Beth and her friend Jennifer that Lincoln, as Internet security at a newspaper, reads, and narrative and reaction from Lincoln's POV. That means that, yes, this is one of those rare sorta chick-lit-y novels that doesn't have ANY of Beth's POV, although some of that is included in the insightful emails we read.

This unique approach gives us a new perspective, and in the end, I'd have to say that this story is really about the development of Lincoln. We're taken through a journey of his simultaneously overcoming the heartbreak of his first love, becoming comfortable with himself and being independent, and falling in love with a girl (whom he's never seen before) for her personality and wit. Note for romance readers that this isn't a traditional romance, and there are no sex scenes included.

Recommended, especially if you love beta heroes.

P.S. Some basics that might not be obvious from the blurb: Lincoln and Beth = 28/29-ish in age, set in Nebraska (hello, 50 state challengers!), and takes place in the year 1999/2000.